ICNODERM is an innovative start-up business that was born in the heart of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia and operates in the sector of dermo-cosmetic formulations.

Thanks to the know-how brought in by the founders, ICNODERM is today a young reality with expertise in the “skin-care” sector. In particular we focus on the development of innovative formulas that are able to give quality, originality and high end performance to the dermo-cosmetic products we produce.

We believe in research, innovation and the identity that is closely linked to the culture, tradition and nature. Those represent our added value to the products we create.
We believe in passion and this is what differentiates us. We prioritise our clients who need to be informed and we want to empower them to have the right understanding of our simple formula so that they can be confident in the product and its efficacy, safety, quality and natural formulation.



ICNODERM aims to introduce a new concept of “natural” meaning “similar to nature”, perfect in its simplicity and the main example of quality and efficacy. Technology, research and experience merge in our philosophy in order to shape up the idea of essentiality.

The essential composition of our products represents the added bonus of our business: in our products the functional ingredients are the ones that prevail in the formula, reducing to a minimum concentration the other components like excipients and additives, often cause of allergies and not important from an efficacy point of view.

Professionalism, pragmatism and transparency are our virtues.


CEO & co-founder

Born in a little village in the heart of Sardinia, he graduated in Pharmacy and then achieved his Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Research and Technology in Cagliari. He then achieved a European PhD in Advanced Drug-Delivery in Greece. After years of working in the field and numerous collaborations with Universities and private firms in the R&D sector of topical formulations, decides to realize his dream and founded Icnoderm. He represents the vision and he is the CEO of the company and he is in charge of all the management and supervision of its components.



Born and raised in Piemonte, a northern region of Italy, at the age of 10 years old comes back with her family to Sardinia. Graduates in Biological Sciences in the University of Cagliari and after years of experience in research in the biomedical sector, was given the opportunity to come in close contact with the world of topical formulations, that then has become her full time employment. Alba is in charge of the Product department for Icnoderm.



Born in Germany but raised in a small village in the heart of Sardinia. She left Sardinia to study Biological Sciences at the Università Politecnica delle Marche. Feeling homesick she comes back to her native island and works in the pharmaceutical-biotechnology sector initially to then move on to the dermo-cosmetic one. She is responsible for the Quality control in Icnoderm.


Born and raised in the North of Morocco, she graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Tetouen. She then moves to Italy where she studies and obtains her PhD in Research and Development of ARV (antiretroviral) drugs. Adopted by Sardinia over many years she has been able to adapt her knowledge and skills in a sector that has always interested her and that now has become her full time job. Essential part of the team, she is in charge of all the phases related to the company activities.