Quality for ICNODERM represents one of the fundamental values. It dedicates an important part of the Company’s resources. The attention to quality, that is embedded in our products, starts from the initial phases of research and development. Adequate standardized processes and planning enable us to hit to the production phase with high level qualitative characteristics.


All production procedure, according to quality statement, are done in a Clean Room ISO 7 C, supported by equipped laboratories in which development and quality control are carried and appropriate storage areas (for raw materials and finished products) maintained under constant humidity and temperature monitoring.


All ICNODERM activities, Research and Development, Design and Production, are managed by a technical and scientific qualified team with specific expertise in biological, chemical and pharmaceutical field, with specific experience in cosmetic formulation development.


ICNODERM activities are part of a Quality System with standardized procedures applied from the first development phase until the production and commercialization steps. Thanks to that and thanks to the structure and to the team ICNODERM has been certified UNI – EN ISO 22716:2008 (Cosmetics GMP) and UNI – EN ISO 13485:2012 (Medical Devices producers), the standard industry capable of expressing the company quality level.